Centennial Trees
2009 Winner Mississippi Municipalities League City Spirit Award

The Tishomingo Chamber of Commerce began taking donations for trees as part of a Centennial Tree Project in 2007. The project’s aim was to plant 100 trees in public areas of the town by the end of the 2008 Centennial Year. “A Hundred Trees for the Next 100 Years” was the project slogan. 

A variety of trees are being planted ranging from oaks and maples where space allows to crepe myrtles where power lines or water lines are present.  Included in the planting is a row of crepe myrtles at City Cemetery.

The location of all trees is noted in a log and on a map at City Hall and a plaque kept at City Hall recognizes the citizens by name that have been honored by having a tree donated for them.

These trees represent a living link between the past and the future of our community.

The Current Centennial Tree Registry