City Government
A Mayor and a Board of Aldermen govern the Town of Tishomingo.  They are elected to 4-year terms and meet regularly once a month on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M.   Meetings are open to all who wish to attend.

The town is an active member of the Mississippi Municipality League with all elected officials and employees receiving ongoing training in handling the needs of the community in today’s environment. The town maintains the highest standards in water, sewer, garbage, natural gas, and roadway services.

 It is also the desire of the town officials to ensure that the town not only survive, but thrive by supporting projects such as those that aim to beautify the community and make it a more pleasant place to live.  As a part of that effort, the town also supports efforts to sustain a vibrant social network within the community by being a part of a wide range of activities.

Mayor: James Tennyson
      Phone: 662-438-6402 or 662-438-6608

City Clerk: Kim Daily:
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Utility Clerk: Joan Turner
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Public Works Director: Jon Mark Daily
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Chief of Police : Mike Kemp:
      Phone: 662-438-6302

Judge: Phillip Whitehead
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Judge: Bronson Tabler
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Attorney: James Belue
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Engineer: Kirby McRae
      Phone: 662-438-6402

Also available online at:

             Town of Tishomingo
             P.O. Box 70
             Tishomingo, MS 38873
             Phone: 662.438.6302