Our Community
Our community is a vital, thriving hometown. Its vitality is evidenced in many efforts to maintain the atmosphere of the community.  As one example, the Tishomingo Chamber of Commerce has been engaged in a Centennial Tree Project begun with the hope of planting 100 trees in public areas for the town’s next 100 years.  That goal has been met and the project continues.

Our community is also served by an array of local merchants who strive to meet  the daily needs of the people.  Our local industries employ not only our citizens, but also residents from nearby communities.  A local doctor and pharmacy care for the town’s health needs. 

Within the city limits there are 5 churches representing 5 denominations and several others nearby to address the spiritual life of citizens and visitors. All of them welcome citizens, newcomers and visitors alike.

The Tishomingo School is an excellent kindergarten through eighth grade school located on the campus of the historic Tishomingo Agricultural High School. The school provides students with a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. In addition, an extensive summer baseball program helps children develop through the summer months.