Location: City Hall

1281 Main Street at
Natchez Street and Hwy 25
Mailing address: P.O. Box 70
Tishomingo, Ms. 38873
Office Hours:
8:oo A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday
A night drop box is located on the North side of the building for after hour’s payments. Payments will be collected and posted the following business day.
Phone Numbers :
      Business hours: 438-6302
      Emergency: 279-6002 or 911
      Fax :438-6403


Bills-- are mailed on the 1st of the month and due the 15th. Late charges are calculated on the 16th. The 25th is the last day to pay on charges, on the 26th services will be discontinued (cut off) for non payment. Service will remain discontinued until such time as payment is made in full. A $20.00 fee will be charged to all customers for reconnection of water service and $30 for gas. Any reconnect done after hours will be charged an additional $40 fee. Once a meter is cut off, the town may choose to remove it from the property.

Returned Checks-- Checks returned will result in a service charge of $40.00. Repeated occurrences will result in discontinuance of accepting checks for future payments. Returned checks on delinquent bills will result in termination of service.

Drafts-- Drafts are available upon request. Drafts returned for insufficient funds will be taken off of draft and will be charged a $40.00 fee.

Locked Meters-- Payments received after 4:00 P.M. will be unlocked the following business day. Meters tampered with will cost member a fee of $100.00

Repairs-- The Town will not be responsible for damaged water meter. Damaged meters will be replaced at the customer’s expense.

Water Wells-- The use of private water wells is permitted only for watering agriculture, grass, washing cars, etc. Under no circumstances are private wells to be connected to the public water system. The drilling of private wells to provide water for human consumption shall be unlawful and punishable as a misdemeanor as here in provided under the provision House Bill # 1641, local and private laws of Mississippi, Regular Session, 1966 as amended. There shall be no physical connection between a public and private potable supply system.

Cross Connection Control-- As required by the Mississippi Safe Drinking Water Act and the regulations of the Mississippi State Department of Health, this cross connection policy has been officially adopted by the officials on July 6, 1999 to protect the drinking form possible contamination. Copies are available at the Tishomingo City Hall on the entire Cross Connection Control Policy.

All new service-- water taps must bring in Notice of intent (pink slip) from the County Health Department.

Surcharge-- Surcharge may not be transferred without permission from the member who paid the deposit. The deposit shall be applied against unpaid bills upon termination of the service. Any balance remaining from the deposit will be the customers responsibility to pay. Non payment of remaining balance is considered theft.

Accessibility-- All meters must be easily accessible for meter readers ,no fences or dogs. If meter can’t be read, bill will be estimated.


Meter surcharge:
Property owner in Town including sewer $55.00
Property owner out Town no sewer $50.00
Renter in Town including sewer $100.00
Renter out of Town no sewer $100.00

Water tap fee:
New Service Water non refundable $125.00
New Service Sewer non refundable $150.00
Cost of running lines to nearest water or sewer access are responsibility of customer.

Road bore:
Operator determines if bore is possible
Minimum charge (3000 gallons or less) $16.50 in Town, $18.00
out of Town. For each 1000 gallons in excess on the minimum
the charge will be $3.75.
Gas Fees:
Surcharge for owners $131.00 (PSC bases on Estimated Average Bill
Surcharge for renters $131.00
Tap fee for a new service $100.00 if less than 300 feet
New service lines over 100 feet $1.00 per foot
Meter transfers $20.00
Commercial flat rate for large meters per month $35.00
Residential flat rate per month $5.00
The price of gas used fluctuates based on market prices.

Electric Service :

Electric service is provided by Tishomingo County Electric Power Association which serves the entire county. The main office is located at 205 Constitution Drive in Iuka, MS 38852
For installation or service call 662-423-3646

Telephone Service :

Frontier Communication provides telephone service to Tishomingo with a full range of services including high speed DSL service
For residential service or installation call 662-438-6985
For business service or installation call 662-438-7648

Television and Internet Cable Service :

Metrocast provides television and high speed internet service to Tishomingo
For service and installation call 800-457-5351